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Fuel Testing

Stockists & distributors of all major brands of fuel testing equipment.

Millipore Colormetic Monitors

Box of 50 uncastellated Tenite monitors loaded with a single membrane and a support pad MAWP037P0

Millipore Filter Membrane

Box of 100 replacement membranes & support pads.

Available as AAWP0370PO or AAWG037PO.

Tenite monitors available for use with above M000037PO.

Gasoline (Ullage) Indicating Paste Kolor Kut

Employed To Determine the Contents of Storage Tanks Containing Gasoline or Volatile Solvents.

Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste

Kolor Kut Paste is used to determine the presence of water in the bottom of oil, diesel, petrol gasoline, fuel oil & kerosine tanks.

Syringe (New Single Hand Operation) 5ml Capacity

Comes with Record Nozzle for Manual Sampling New Type Push Plunger To Draw Sample Into Syringe.

Syringe 5ml Capacity

All Nylon With Record Nozzle Suitable For Both Manual And Automatic Sampling, Original Type Pull To Draw Sample Into Syringe.

Water Finding Paper

(Special) 200 Strips Size 140mm X 10mm The Paper Is Simply Attached To A Small Rod And Inserted Into The Fuel Sample To Detect If Water Is Present.

Deadman Switch

Lightweight polypropylene handswitch with a magnetic reed switch housed in a hermetically sealed glass phial.

RACO Clips Quick Release Connections

Bonding clips and accessories, RACO 140mm – RACO 75mm and RACO 75mm fitted with quick breakaway joint designed for helicopter refuelling operations.

Spare Steel Bonding Cable Reel.

Stainless steel bonding cable reel.

Available in 2 sizes up to 15mtr or 40mtr of cable.

Bonding Reel

Stainless steel bonding reel. L/W hi-vis cable and clip. Available in 2 sizes up to 15mt or 40mt of cable. Heavy duty raco clip.

Copper braid PVC insulated cable. Available in clear or hi-vis.

Seals & Sealing Wire

Sealing wire available in stainless steel, copper and soft annealed galvanized steel.

½ kg spools.

Seals available in lead or plastic, packed in 1000s.

Aviation Fuel Retention Sample Tags

Used for keeping a record of samples taken and attached to sample containers.

Aviation Fuel Sample Equipment

Complete with 2.5lt Epoxy lined can, sample retention tag, sealing wire and seal.


PVC Gloves suitable for use with aviation fuel

EMCEE 1152 Conductivity Meter

Rugged cast aluminium housing, large digital display, self check calibration

Continuity Tester

Advanced microprocessor technology, go/on go continuity check

Ssafcon Sampler

Filter tests for particle contamination and colour rating of A viation Fuels