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Sample Jars & Containers

For storage, transportation and retention of fuel samples.

Stainless Steel Bucket

With Skirt, Graduated, Complete With Earthing Lead and Clip, Available In 10, 12 & 15 Litre Capacity (Lids Available As Extra If Required).

Stainless Steel Bucket

Glass Sample Jars (0.5L)

500ml Capacity Suitable For Retaining Weekly Fuel Samples.

Cone Top Tin Sample Retention Cans (0.5L or 1L)

With Screw Cap, 500ml or 1000ml Capacity For Retaining Weekly Fuel Samples.

3.5 Litre Sample Jar

Square Crystal Clear Glass Jar with Extra Wide Neck (Easy To Clean) Complete With Large Black Cap and Inner Wad.

Rectangular Retention Sample Cans (5L)

Complete With Screw Cap for Retaining Weekly Fuel Samples.

Wire Cage for 3.5 Litre Sample Jar

Wire Cage Manufactured to Accommodate the 3.5 Litre Sample Jar, the Cage Is Fitted With Swing over Handle and is Protected by Nylon Coating.

Sample Retention Cans

Sample Retention Cans 2.5 Litre Rectangular Screw Cap Tins, Suitable For Retaining Weekly Fuel Samples, Also Available In Other Sizes.

UN Steel Drum

Steel drums complete with carry handle and 51mm sealing bung. Available in 5lt, 11lt & 25lt. For the storage and transportation of fuels.